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Changing Lives
Shaping Futures

The Women’s Centre is a charitable organisation founded in 1994. The centre presents a safe, positive and accessible environment. We encourage and support women to develop confidence, combat social isolation, promote learning new skills, raise their aspirations and achieve their potential.

Our Vision

To secure social and economic equality for all groups of women in Glasgow.

Women and their families are safe and secure from harm.
Women’s rights are realised regardless of ability, race, sexual orientation, gender identity age or background.
Women have equal access to resources and opportunities.
Women are able to participate fully in society and culture.
Women’s unpaid and paid work is valued.

Our Staff

Lynne Robertson
Lynne Robertson


Denise McIntyre
Denise McIntyre

Volunteer Coordinator

Christine Forrest
Christine Forrest

Finance Officer

Sandra Martin
Sandra Martin

Business Development Leader

Louise Moffitt
Louise Moffitt

Children’s Services Co-Ordinator

Charity Reg No. SC014949
Company Ltd Reg No. 268081
Care Commission Reg No. CS2006118795

Contact Us

17-33 Shawpark Street
Maryhill, Glasgow
G20 9DA

Phone: 0141 576 1400

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